Early investors in the Alma have achieved upto 55% capital appreciation



The real estate sector is one of the fastest growing and ever-gaining sectors; having emerged one of the biggest gainers in recent years despite unpredictable economic outcomes.

Thinking of investing ??

To put down a couple million to own a piece of property, you have to consider whether the development is in a location that is likely to experience a lot of growth in the near future. You also consider whether people would actually choose to live there so that your property will be fully let all year round; among other things. These aspects are the same things we as Cytonn Real Estate looked at while building the concept for the Alma. If you were looking for a good real estate investment opportunity, you have definitely found it!

Why invest in The Alma

The Alma stands to offer you an attractive return on your investment due to:

Upcoming developments in the area, namely the Two Rivers Mall and Rosslyn Riviera Mall, which present a huge opportunity for capital appreciation in terms of property prices, easy rental uptake given the work opportunities in the location, as well as the commercial and lifestyle facilities in The Alma. It is in this respect that you should highly consider investing in The Alma.

Early Investors in The Alma have achieved upto 55% capital appreciation.

How to buy

Buying property has never been so flexible. For The Alma, we have tailor-made a handful of payment plan options to suit the methods of financing best preferred by our clients. Here are some options you can consider:

Cash Plan

For this payment plan, a 10% deposit is put down initially and the remaining 90% is paid within 90 days.

Installment Plan

For the installment plan, 10% deposit is paid initially, 80% is staggered over the construction period; and the remaining 10% is remitted upon completion of construction.

Mortgage Plan

For the mortgage plan option, 10% is paid as deposit and 90% is paid upon completion of construction.

Monthly Payment Plan

The monthly payment plan is structured to have payments every month over a period of 36 months.

Zero Deposit

For this option, 10% is paid as a deposit spread over 6 months and the remaining 90% is paid when construction is complete.