The amenities at the Alma ensure convenience at it's best



At The Alma, we envision convenience and comfort. As a resident, you will be able to access everything you may need in close proximity.


The arrival experience

The access way to the site is well lit and guarded, spilling into the development’s vibrant retail center and allowing access to the apartments for only those who reside there.

Retail centre

The retail center is at the fore-front of the development complete with an array of convenience stores, turning your home into a comprehensive development.



The Parking Bay

You will have ample, shaded parking at the Alma; with each 3-bedroom apartment having access to two bays and each 2 and 1-bedroom apartment having access to one.

The Playground

Elevated playgrounds away from the danger of moving vehicles ensure your children’s safety while making merry with their friends.



Swimming pool

As opposed to traveling to a far off destination to enjoy some pool-time, why not take a dip within the comfort of your neighborhood?

The gym

The gym is at the top of the retail center overlooking the swimming pool; with glass walling to provide enough natural light and give off an out-door feeling while working-out indoors.